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Enhance exam preparation with our new Study Skills Course

Good study skills are essential to helping your child get ahead academically. Motivation, combined with the skills of goal setting, time management, and effective studying methods, are all essential to developing a great study practice. 

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4 Benefits of tutoring

Students enjoy learning much more when they have the support and confidence they need inside and outside of the classroom. However, it can be difficult for a teacher to meet each student's needs in a classroom setting. There are several reasons why tutoring can aid in this specific area, as it provides young learners with individual attention and support, where a teacher may not. Tutoring can help strengthen skills, challenge young learners, boost confidence, and build important learning habits. This blog explores 4 benefits of tutoring for young learners and why it may be an effective choice for your child.

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5 iconic features of the NumberWorks’nWords English program experience

The way each student learns is vastly different, however from supporting thousands of students to learn through the NumberWorks’nWords programs, what they repeatedly respond to and enjoy can often be remarkably similar. With what has been observed and refined over three decades of centre-based tuition and from constant feedback from the professional team of educators who lead the programs across our centres, we have today, an iconic English program that boosts a child’s progress in reading, writing, and overall, introduces them to a real joy in learning.

As families today continue to refer to the well-established traditions within a NumberWorks’nWords centre as a signature experience that their children continue to love, we’ve taken time to list the 5 most iconic ways students experience a love of reading and writing and a boost in their literacy skills to last well beyond the centre.

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Parent Q&A: Tailored learning for each child to boost their confidence

“As an occupational therapist, my belief is that a strong foundation in English and maths in the young years is really important as part of children’s development. We decided to commit to tutoring and not look back in terms of costs to get it right. 

“What made the assessment so effective, was somebody sitting down with my daughter and giving one-on-one attention which I really liked. They were a trained teacher and referred to how many specific words she knew. It was very in-depth and provided me with an idea of her current level and how we would progress. Once she got rolling, I felt she had more confidence. So, that was the big tell-tale sign.”

We spoke to a parent of four, Amelia, about her initial experiences with the NumberWorks’nWords teaching team, what she enjoys most about the programme and her future plans for her children’s education.

Read the Q&A to discover how with a focus on confidence, each child has embraced their tutoring experience and is on a path to making exciting progress at school.

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5 Ways to Get Back to Basics with reading, writing, counting and calculation

When parents are asked to consider a ‘return to basics’, this brings a whole range of focus areas back into the equation. Establishing or reinforcing their child’s focus on fundamental skills can include: counting, calculation, reading and writing and for younger ones - even the art of play!

Rather than preparing for a specific test or exam, some parents have started to request a de-cluttering of the curriculum to allow for mastery of these essential skills.

Here are five tips for children from 5-years-old through to high school, whether they are back learning in the classroom, are on school holidays or are learning from home that will strengthen their abilities with a return to basics.

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