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Is your child struggling to keep up with schoolwork? Are they falling behind? Are they bored in class? Or are you looking for extension work for your child?

Uncover the secrets behind our success: Download our FREE eBook and discover why countless families choose NumberWorks'nWords as their after-school tuition provider. Plus learn more about our services, and our advanced technology, and find a centre close to you.

Check out our eBook to learn more about how we help children improve academically and build confidence through our in centre after school tuition.

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Why NumberWorks'nWords?

As the world’s longest-running tuition provider for students aged 5-16 years, we know how to improve your child's confidence and academic results in maths and English.

Our in-centre English and maths tuition is customised for each child. Whether they are learning basic numeracy or to read and write, are struggling with maths and English and need to catch up, are preparing for exams or looking for extension work that challenges them, tutoring at NumberWorks’nWords can help.

Our tuition model caters for 11 levels of the school curriculum, and collectively our centres deliver more than 120,000 maths and English tutoring lessons every term.

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