Frequently Asked Questions


  • What ages do you teach?

    We have students aged 5 – 16 years. Within this range, the full spectrum of capability is covered.

  • What abilities do you cater for?

    NumberWorks'nWords isn’t just for students who aren’t performing well in maths and English; we also work with high achievers. Whatever level your child is at, our individualised approach to learning needs will bring out their true potential.

  • Can you help with Times Tables?

    As parents, you understand the need for your children to master the times tables. It is important the tables are learnt at an early age. Tables are the key for understanding all other mathematical concepts. NumberWorks'nWords ensures our maths students have tables practice scheduled into their lessons.

    NumberWorks'nWords can now help you at home. Introduce your children to Steve Storm and the Tables of Doom. This is an engaging and stimulating game to learn tables. It is a way of ensuring your children are getting the best educational outcomes with the most enthusiasm and least hassle.

    Play the NumberWorks'nWords Arcade

  • Is NumberWorks'nWords good for gifted kids?

    Our tutoring is just as effective for extension as it is for catching up. If your brighter-than-average child is bored at regular school, NumberWorks'nWords can provide more challenging work.

  • What does it cost?

    Fees are $64 per lesson in New Zealand.

  • What are the lesson times?

    We try to be flexible and accommodating, because your child might have other after-school activities that can't be shifted. Monday to Friday, our centres open after school and run a series of one-hour tutoring sessions. Teaching usually starts at 3.30, but may vary from centre to centre. Let us know the days and times that work best for you.

  • What happens if my child is sick and can't make it?

    Let us know as soon as possible. We’ll cancel your child’s tutoring session for that day and schedule a make-up session during the term.

  • Does tutoring work?

    In our 35-year experience, yes it does. Our learning systems have been carefully developed to produce results - both in skill and confidence levels. You’ll receive regular progress reports and your child will earn certificates as he/she progresses through the levels. You’ll also know it’s working when your child’s regular teacher notices a difference.

  • How long do we need to come for?

    The length of time each student attends NumberWorks'nWords depends on the goals they set for themselves and the level of achievement they want to attain. Some stay for a couple of terms, and others choose to stay longer, setting new goals and striving for further challenges.

  • Is it all done on computers?

    Every student has an individualised learning programme that’s tailored to his/her particular needs. The computer provides the exercises and marks the answers right or “try again”. Each tutoring session includes one-to-one teaching with the tutor. Any new concept is explained and taught and your child will cement learning with practice using computer-based exercises. The computer is a valuable resource for teaching and practising, just as books, pen and paper and calculators are too.

  • Is there homework?

    Yes there’s homework, although it’s not time consuming. Homework sheets match the topic your child is working on and help new facts and skills to move from short-term memory to long-term memory. For best results, we recommend you encourage your child to complete homework sheets.

  • Can children do their school homework at tutoring?

    Your child is welcome to bring homework to the tutoring session. While there won’t be time to complete it all, the tutor can discuss the homework task with your child and ensure that he/she is clear on what to do. Seniors sometimes do their homework at NumberWorks'nWords, especially if it’s related to an area that they’re struggling with.

  • What if my child doesn't want to go?

    This is highly unlikely, because your child will get to try out NumberWorks'nWords at the assessment appointment. In our experience, it's usually love at first sight. While your child is road-testing a tutoring programme, you can take a look around the centre.

  • Will my child's regular school be concerned?

    We're very careful in protecting the relationship between each child and their school. We do this by asking for input from teachers, so that we can address specific challenges and problems. We're also careful with using the same learning strategies that the school uses, so that we don't undermine what's happening during school hours.

  • Is funding available?

    Work and Income have an Extraordinary Care Fund to help support children who show promise in a particular area or experiencing difficulties that are significantly impacting on their development.

    The details on how it works, who is eligible, and how to apply can be seen on the NZ Government Work and Income website.

    Ngai Tahu funding is available. Ngai Tahu will pay $450 towards one term of tuition per year.


  • Are you able to help with tutoring in other subjects?

    Under Crimson Education's portfolio of services, tutoring in a range of subjects is available.

    Here is the link to find out more about what they offer:  www.crimsoneducation.org/home

  • How do I go about getting a consultation at Crimson?

    Please fill in this form and a Crimson Education representative will get in touch with you shortly.

How to get the most value from NumberWorks’nWords

  • Bring your child to tutoring on time, after a low-sugar snack and a drink.
  • On the way home, ask your child what was covered at tutoring and talk about it (this helps to reinforce learning).
  • Display certificates that your child brings home – be proud!
  • Encourage your child to do the NumberWorks’nWords homework.
  • Reward great results in your own way (favourite dinner, special treat, pocket-money bonus).
  • If you have a concern, talk to us!

Helpful Tips for Maths

  • Numbers and mathematical concepts are everywhere. Check out some of these ideas:
  • Building and construction provide planning opportunities, measuring and creating shapes/objects. Use boxes or wood
  • Plant seeds and measure the plants as they grow. Gardening is also a great opportunity to learn about the seasons
  • Train your child to set the table. He/she will learn how to work out the correct number of knives, forks, spoons and placemats
  • When baking and cooking, get your child to do the measuring
  • Board games use number skills – have a family board game night once a week Search the web for maths games – there are hundreds of them out there

Helpful Tips for English

  • Every day you can create learning opportunities for your child. Here are some ideas to help your child with reading and comprehension:
  • Place labels all over the house - great for young readers. Ideas: pose a challenge to find six objects beginning with T, objects that rhyme, objects with blends
  • Get your child to help write a shopping list or a ‘to do’ list before you head for the shops
  • Encourage your child to write letters to a friend/relative who you know will respond – there’s nothing like getting a letter in the mail
  • Encourage him/her to write thank-you letters for playing at friends, staying the night and for gifts they have received Baking is great fun and also YUM! Read instructions together when baking
  • Help your child to make books using photos from holidays and adventures. Pets, friends and school trips are also great book topics. These become treasured items and they’re fun to read to others (like grandparents)
  • Let your child answer the phone and learn to take messages Make poetry with words cut from magazines
  • Get your child to sort washing into colours

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